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↠DTD Tutorial↞

A Duct Tape Dummy is required for fullsuit or bodysuit commissions. This is how we prefer to have DTDs made so it is easier to work with. Be sure to follow these steps closely!


Step 1:


First you will need to get your materials:
- Painter's Coveralls (can be found at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Very cheap and lightweight. Perfect for DTDs!)

- 2 to 4 rolls of ADVANCED strength Duct Tape. This will ensure that it will not come apart in the heat when mailing!

- Scissors & a sharpie

- Paper towels


Step 2:






Once the Painter's Suit is on, you will begin taping around the crotch/thighs/waist. If the coveralls are loose or wrinkled, pull them up. Make sure you are taping fitted to your body!

You will need to BE SURE your legs are spread apart and that your knees are slightly bent, not locked! This will prevent you from getting weak/fainting. Tape securely, but not too tightly.

Be sure you are also hydrated! Drink water before and during the process. Be sure to go to the bathroom before starting this process.

Having 2 - 4 people help you will also make the process much quicker and easier! So get your friends to help! :D



Step 3:




When ripping your Duct Tape, rip it into strips 6 - 12 inches long.

DO NOT wrap it all the way around your body! This causes strain on the DTD and can cause you to feel faint!


Step 4:





First you will work down the legs from the groin area. Again, be sure your knees are not locked and that your legs are spread!

If your Painter's Suit is too short, this is where the paper towels come in handy! When the Painter's Suit stops, wrap paper towels around your legs to your ankles, then cover them in Duct Tape! This goes for your wrists as well! 


*If you are getting a digitigrade suit, please tape your feet aswell!*


Step 5:






Once you finish taping up the legs, you can start going up the midsection and over the chest.

You can use things to prop up your arms to help prevent them from getting tired or drooping. It is very important to keep your arms up at a 90 degree angle!

Once covering the chest, shoulders, and collar, you can begin taping down the arms!

Again, if the Painter's Coveralls are too short on your wrists, add paper towels and tape over them!


Step 6:



Here is an example of how your arm should be angled. BE SURE TO KEEP IT UPRIGHT and not drooping! This will alter movement and fit of your bodysuit if you do not do it correctly, causing it to be too loose or too tight!


Step 7:



Here is the DTD completed!

The red lines mark where you should put the cut-seams: Down the tops of the arms, the front of one leg, and then up the front of the other to the side of the collar!

Cut as far up as you need to to get out of the DTD. Some people may have to cut it all the way up, others won't have to!

Make sure you add the line notches every couple of inches so that you know how to put it back together!


We would prefer if you taped it back together before sending it out to us. It makes our process much quicker and smoother, and we can begin working on your costume sooner! If you cannot tape it back together or are too afraid to, we can still do it.


Step 8:



Once all the notches are in place, you can begin cutting out along the line! Only cut up as far as you need to to get our of the DTD.

Be careful not to knick any skin when getting someone out of a DTD. Try to pull the tape and painter's suit away from their skin as you are cutting to prevent this.

It may be easier to start with the arms so that you can rest your arms or help pull the DTD away from your skin so that they do not accidentally get skin!


Once you are all cut out of the DTD, be sure to do these things:

- line up all the notches and tape the dummy back together (if you can)

- Write your name & character name

- your address

- your email


Then you will just need to fold/roll it up, put it in a package, and it will be on it's way! :D Hope this was helpful to you!

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