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  • I’m under 18 years old. Can I commission you? Will you work with my parents?
    I will not work with minors, and working with parents can be tricky if they do not understand the commission process, pricing, or fursuits in general.
  • Do you take refurbishment commissions?
    This is a rare commission type that I would likely offer over Twitter, and depends on the suit and the extent of the refurb. Typically I will do refurbs on suits I've made but may occasionally refurb suits by other makers.
  • I can’t continue paying for my suit. Can I get a refund?
    All down-payments are non-refundable unless (a) P&NW receives written notice from the client canceling the order before P&NW begins any work on or incurs any costs in connection with the order, or (b) P&NW elects to cancel an order after a down payment has been received and before P&NW begins any work or incurs any costs in connection with the order. Refund Policy 0% Complete - 70% Refund 25% Complete - 45% Refund 50% Complete - 20% Refund 75% Complete - No Refund 100% Complete - No Refund
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Though it may be much more expensive than domestic shipping, and the commissioner may have to pay a customs fee upon arrival in their country.
  • How are commission slots chosen?
    Slots are chosen from the pool of commission request forms, I like to pick character designs that I like or feel would translate well into my style. After choosing, I will email those that I'm interested in creating with an official quote.
  • Do you offer discounts if the commissioner provides materials?
    Potentially, the materials would have to be approved by me first to ensure they are high enough quality or the right material for the project.
  • Do I need a Duct Tape Dummy or can you work off my measurements? What other measurements do you require?
    For fullsuits I require a DTD in order to ensure the suit fits you properly. It is easier for me to build certain parts on the dummy. Head measurements will be needed for head commissions. A tracing of your hand for handpaws may be requested if needed. Shoe size is required for footpaws.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Payment plans are only available for fullsuit, head and bodysuit commissions and typically require at least a 30% down payment. Payment plans will be discussed and agreed upon with the client. Payment plans are not available for parts commissions (such as handpaws, footpaws, tail etc.) and require payment upfront.
  • What's your turnaround time?
    Depends on the type of commission and complexity, and is subject to the order of the queue.
  • Will you deliver to [X] convention?
    I can ship suits or parts to certain conventions if there is enough time after the product is completed. Hand-delivery may be an option if I happen to be going to that certain convention, in which the client will have to pay for an extra bag if I am taking a plane.
  • Do you take artistic liberty commissions?
    Absolutely, I love doing artistic liberty suits and designing characters!
  • What kind of reference sheet do I need?
    I require at least a 2-view reference that clearly shows any and all markings and colors. Fursuit-friendly references with no shading or gradients are encouraged.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    CashApp, direct bank transfer, PayPal
  • Why are your suits so expensive?
    I have been making suits for 10+ years, perfecting my craft and learning a lot along the way. As I've improved, and as prices of needed materials have gone up, my prices have raised accordingly. My products are high quality with a lot of time and care put into them. Every head is sculpted from scratch and unique to each character. Frankly, I am also just one person and I have bills to pay. :p
  • Can I get a quote?
    Quotes are usually given out during the commission process, since prices are subject to change.
  • Do you do deadlines?
    At this time Pin & Needle Works does not offer any set deadlines or estimated completion dates. P&NW is responsible for determining the order in which commissions are completed, based on an existing queue timeline determined by the order in which invoices have been fully paid off and at P&NW's personal discretion and is subject to change. A publicly viewable queue is available online at any time. Rush orders may be considered with a discussed upcharge fee based on requested requirements and is subject to change.
  • Are you/when will you be open for commissions?
    Commission status for all commission types can be found on the 'Prices' page.
  • Where can I find progress info or photos?
    Progress photos are posted either to Twitter (@PNWorks) or the Trello queue. Progress photos and updates are also available to a client upon request.
  • Can I get a certain fursuit part now and commission a different part later?
    This is a possibility, but it depends on commission slot availability.
  • What features will you not do?
    Realistic styles, moving jaws, and follow-me eyes are not available upon commission at this time.
  • Can you do LEDs?
    I do not have enough knowledge in installing LEDs in suits so I do not usually offer this.
  • What type of footwear are your footpaws built on?
    All of my footpaws are built on a shoeless design. They are slip-on style and polyfil stuffed with a 'sock' patterned inside based off your shoe size for comfort and ease of wear.
  • What kind of extra features are available for your suits?
    The 'Prices' page has some examples of extra features that I offer. If there is an extra feature not mentioned that you're curious about, feel free to ask!
  • Do you offer SPHs?
    Yes, extra zippers may be added for a fee.
  • Can you mimic another maker's style for a commission?
    No, I like all of my costumes to be unique and of my own. I would be willing to mimic certain features in your character's art reference, if I feel I can fit it into my suit style.
  • Can you make [X] species or original species?
    I would be willing to make just about anything! Original species are totally fine as long as the creator of the species allows this.
  • Do you do airbrushing?
    Light airbrushing may be done on heads, particularly around the eyes or mouth or certain markings.
  • Can I wear my glasses under my suit head?
    Space may be made to fit glasses inside your suit's head, though fogging may be an issue. Contacts are recommended if possible.
  • What’s the ventilation like in your suits? Vision?
    There is generally high ventilation through the open mouth, and a little through the eyes. It is possible to commission hollow nostrils or ear vents for extra ventilation. Good vision through the buckram in the eyes, there may be a small blind spot in the middle depending on eye shape and size.
  • How long have you been making suits?
    I have been making suits since 2012, with over 100+ suits made!
  • How many people work at Pin & Needle Works?
    Rowan is the sole owner and creator of PNWorks, but others may be hired for help with cutting, tracing, and sewing fur.
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